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Food Delivery, Private Feast – Social Distancing Catering


Our company ensure the safety of our clients, particularly, those who have requirements for food delivery and social gathering for private events in this time of new normal. SEVILLA’S CATERING, adapts the following measure and system that conforms with the Government’s protocol for SAFE and QUALITY FOOD:


  1. PERSONNEL - Our company observe strict health protocols set by IATF Guidelines,  wearing of face mask at all times and PPE’s as it calls for, washing of hands or hand sanitizing once every 30 minutes or as often as possible. All staff are required to undergo daily health symptoms check, such as but not limited to temperature check, and have them recorded in the health symptoms logbook.

  2. OFFICE AND COMMISSARY - Routinely clean and disinfect areas such as offices, commissary, common areas, and shared electronic equipment.

  3. FOOD PREPARATION – While Food safety and sanitation has always been observed by the company, it deems necessary to acquire additional equipment particularly in cooking that lessen human intervention. Kitchen personnel, as an upgrade health protocol, are obliged to use appropriate kitchen gear such as proper kitchen uniform, apron, hairnet, face mask, and gloves during kitchen operation.  

  4. CONTACT-LESS DELIVERY OF FOODS – Client has the option to have their Food delivery left on the porch, doorstep or on area as requested. On the other hand, the client will hand over the payment to the cash basket provided by the company or may, opted to pay online thru our partner banks and or Credit card or debit card payment through online or BDO Mini Point of Sales Terminal. 

Sevilla's Catering

Sevilla's Catering is one of the best caterer in Quezon City and in Metro-Manila. Satisfaction and safety of Client is guaranteed. Services and Products includes Catering services, food delivery and rental of quality catering equipment and utensils. 

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