Embrace the New Beginning


       It is an opportune privilege for the members of FCAP to be invited to the FHA HORECA in Singapore and witness the enormous and latest trends and technology in the catering industry.


      The pervasiveness of the men and women in FHA HORECA to bounce back and effectively counter the appalling impact of the pandemic deserves the highest commendation. Such relentless effort is reflected from all walks of technologies, ideas and concepts displayed in the event. Latest technologies in food preparations to preservations and stocking, new marketing trends and ordering system and even robotics-aided food services are well- displayed.


      The experience in Singapore where HoReCa people were able to converge, connect and exchange ideas and experiences opened-up a window of infinite possibilities of system and operation upgrade in the business. It likewise paved the way for the re-envisioning of the path of catering industry. The event also committed a gainful endeavor in networking. The event also validated the fact that Filipinos are first-class in all trades. Our representative in the FHA Culinary Challenge-Cake Category from Lyceum of The Philippines University won the Gold Medal. This serves both as our PRIDE and BOOST in our incessant "quest to victory" in the industry!